14 Things Trump Needs to Do to Win the Third Debate and The Election

The third presidential debate is tonight and everyone is firing up their blogs, wondering “What is Donald Trump going to say”? That’s right; nobody really cares what Hillary Clinton says… people are only tuning in for The Donald. It doesn’t matter if you’re pro-Trump or anti-Trump, you know that, deep down, you’re tuning in to get the latest dank Trump memes for your meaningless blog. Like this one.

The third presidential debate is tonight and everyone is firing up their blogs, wondering “What is Donald Trump going to say”? That’s right; nobody really cares what Hillary Clinton says… people are only tuning in for The Donald. It doesn’t matter if you’re pro-Trump or anti-Trump. You know that, deep down, you’re tuning in to get the latest dank Trump memes for your meaningless blog. Like this one.

As you know, in this election, it’s Trump against the world. There’s no way he’s going to get a fair shake from the media, so it’s important for Don to perform well in these debates. Trump can give historical speech after a record-breaking rally, but these media events are where DT needs to shine because this is when America is watching. Luckily, Trump knows a thing or two about ratings and reality television (which is basically what this election is). In the opinion of ProudBoy Magazine, this is what Trump has to do to win tonight’s debate.

Bring Up Voter fraud

The biggest revelation of the past few weeks has been the reality of rampant fraud committed by the Democratic Party. The Republican meme of “mass voter fraud” was confirmed this week with the investigative journalism done by James O’Keefe from Project Veritas. You can watch these videos for yourself and draw your own conclusions, but these damning claims are also supported by the series of Wikileaks dumps that have yet to be denied by the Clinton campaign and DNC as a whole.

Recently, Barack Obama issued a press release stating that voter fraud is “mythical” and a “conspiracy theory”. Coincidentally enough, ol’ Jimmy dropped some serious evidence revealing quite the opposite. These videos resulted in the termination of both parties implicated in these embarrassing videos. Of course, CNN was quick to dismiss these revelations as “bar-room talk”, which is either ironic or intentionally hypocritical. It’s hard to tell these days when it comes to the media.

Trump needs to talk about the crimes of convicted tax evader Robert Creamer, the DNC’s main agent provocateur. In O’keefe’s video, Robert Creamer is caught on camera colluding to commit voter fraud. When we looked into Creamer’s background, we found out that not only was he the chief architect of The Iran Deal, but also The Affordable Care Act. And look at all these meetings between him and Obama. I wonder what they talked about. Maybe something along the lines of what Bill Clinton and Loretta Lynch talked about in the back of that plane. Golfing.

His Plans to Rebuild in the Ruins of the GOP

What Trump needs to touch on at some point is that after all of this is said and done, he’ll have some idea of who is on his side in Washington.

It’s pretty clear that the Republicans are waning as an institution. The question is whether to attempt a phoenix-like rebirth of the party or diverting more of his energy into establishing something new.

The former would require an exertion of time and political willpower on the part of Trump’s administration; investment into building a bridge backward to carry over elements of the fairly useless establishment. Arguably, it could be the easier of the two since brand name carries a lot of impact in American politics.

The Republican brand name is damaged, that seems certain at this point. I think there are enough new voters coming out for Trump that capture much more of middle America. With the proper seeding, this could pave the way for something new.

The latter option for Trump means he could build a new party that aligns more closely with his vision of American politics, Trumpism, if you will. However, it would be a real slog to get enough clout to defect over from the sinking ship parties.

Either way, Trump needs to let people know what to call his glorious regime.

Release His Tax Information

Preferably with a neat little summary given at a press conference a half hour before the debate starts.

Best-case scenario: The records show that he paid much more tax than Hillary Clinton ever has and her handlers don’t have sufficient time to find a good spin. Trump could easily steal the whole debate by framing this early and Clinton would be totally put off her game.

This could potentially be a checkmate move, as Hillary and the Demstablishment-at-large have staked a lot on the “Trump’s a tax-dodger” narrative. Funny, they tried the same move on Jesus.

Worst-case scenario: He wrote-off a couple years of federal income tax by leveraging some big losses in a previous year. Big deal. He’s already primed a narrative that taking advantage of the tax code to pay as little tax as possible to the federal government is not the natural instinct of every fucking person in the country. The thinking that this was not the case is kind of insulting.

I mean, who the fuck loves paying taxes?

Call Out Hillary For Being Corrupt

This one is easy. All Trump needs to do his hammer on Hillary Clinton for being corrupt. There are mountains of evidence out there that prove that Hillary, and the government as a whole, is rotten to the core. All Trump needs to do is memorize some Wikileaks emails, read them off and say “Look ‘em up!”. The evidence is out there, we just need Trump to hammer on the point and convince normies to “look it up”.

Of course, the shill moderators will contest this and likely cut Trump off. But that’s exactly why Trump should…

Ignore The Moderators Completely

Everybody knows that the questions the moderator are biased, leading and completely bullshit. The whole point of this “debate” isn’t to… debate. It’s about making Hillary look good, and Trump bad. So Trump needs to ignore all questions and use this primetime, uninterrupted event to get his ideas out to the country. The entire media is against Trump and they peddle false narratives to basic bitch normies. It’s propaganda. Fifty percent of the country haven’t listened to a Trump rally or a Trump speech. Most people listen to the opinions that the media want you to have. Coincidentally, the media all financially support Hillary Clinton and have no interest in a Trump win. Ignore the media. Ignore their questions. Stick to your message, Trump.

Acknowledge the Audience

Despite the allegations of mic-tampering at the first debate, the audience has come out cheering for Trump’s zingers on more than one occasion. Audiences love it when he talks truth to power like black people like shoes.

If Trump can make a clear distinction in the minds of people watching, between themselves and the media they are consuming, then he can slip some little doubts into people’s heads before Anderson Cooper tells them how to think in the next block.

Call out the framing of the debate for what it is, Orwellian-as-fuck.

More One-Liners

We love those fucking one-liners. We live for them. When Trump said “because you’d be in jail”, everyone in my living room jumped up and high-fived like we were watching a championship game. The jokes remind us that politics is mostly bullshit and a sham, and we finally have a real guy representing us in a sea of fake robots. They’re also great for YouTube videos, GIFs and memes, which ultimately help the cause. Trump should treat the third debate like a stand-up routine.

Call Bill Clinton A Rapist

Bill Clinton is a rapist. We know this. The evidence has been piling against him for years. The media has made it clear that they will never report on Bill Clinton’s history of sexual assault, but will signal boost every single shady accusation against Trump. The media is playing dirty pool, so Trump needs to play as well. Out of the gate, Trump should be hammering on Bill Clinton’s sexual assault accusations, just like he did in the second debate. The people need to know about these accusations, and the media have made it clear that they’re not above such accusations. With that, Trump should also…

Call Hillary Clinton A Rapist

Recently, an alleged former Hillary staffer stated to the National Enquirer that Hillary Clinton is a rapist. There isn’t a lot of evidence for this, but why not bring it up? Again, we’re battling the American media. The most corrupt, disgusting propagandists of all time. They’re not above such accusations, so why should Trump? We’re fighting fire with fire here.

Grab Hillary’s Cold, Dead Pussy

This would really fire up the base and be a fun call back to an earlier incident.

Call Chris Wallace “That Bilbo Fucker”

Look at that fuckin’ weiner. He’s no Baron. Baron is tall for his age.

Take a Knee at Halftime

Good for morale. Maybe call up Baron

Promise to make it legal to call Obama an Oreo.

This would really fire up the base and also make Baron laugh

Make Baron Vice President

Look. Pence is a cool dude, but we all know that the true heir to the throne is Baron. That guy is going places. Baron 2028.

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    The fact that so many Clintards can just dismiss O’Keefe’s stunning videos shows how truly disturbed these people are.



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