11/25/16 Proud Boy of the Week – Pawl Bazile

Pawl Bazile, the ProudBoy Magazine video producer, got fired from his job just after Trump won the presidency. Here’s what happened, as told by Pawl: I’ve been at the...

Pawl Bazile, the ProudBoy Magazine video producer, got fired from his job just after Trump won the presidency.

Here’s what happened, as told by Pawl:

I’ve been at the same job for 4 years. I worked more hours, brought in more money, and taken more customers there then the next 5 people combined. For the last 18 months the tool bag of a manger (of whom we’ve seen the largest drop in productivity an income since we opened) has mercilessly teased me about my support of Donald Trump. There’s a mixed bag of political support there, but it never got personal and everyone was pretty friendly whatever the side they were on.

I came to work after the election and this joke of a manger confronted me pretty aggressively. He told me not to speak of Donald Trump, the election, or politics ever again. I asked if he’d feel this way if the results went the other way, and if it was just me who couldn’t mention who the new president was. He stormed off. Then this walking example of failure had a short staff meeting, he singled me out and said he didn’t want politics mentioned again before adding “what I will say is this….. democracy is a process….”

You can hear eyeballs rolling in everyone’s skulls. Bored of being told how to feel about the election by a guy who got everything about the election wrong, I decided to pull out my phone, and play Journey’s “Don’t Stop Believing”. Call it a musical protest. Huge laugh. He was embarrassed and pretty mad. He told me to leave work. I told him I wouldn’t be coming back. He said he didn’t want me back. I left to a sea of fist bumps, high fives, and people telling me we’d stay in touch.

I lost a job I’ve held for 4 years, at a place I helped build, working for an owner I really respect because I supported the man about to be sworn in as the president of the United States. My manager wanted to play my bitch card and got called. His ego cost the owner his only full timer and biggest money maker over his butthurt feeling on the election. I love the owner and respect the business he built and think it would be awesome if people spent a lot of money there and told them they were also trump supporters.

The owner is a good dude whose tool of a manger put him in a bad spot and I’d never want to hurt a small business. I’ve been on several interviews and I’m excited to start the next part of my life. Miss all the cool folks I worked with. MAGA.

Proud of ya, Pawl.

Proud Boy of the Week

Jack Buckby is a former student of politics, a writer and the Press Officer for British conservative political party Liberty GB. He stood for election with Paul Weston in the European Elections in 2014, and regularly cooperates with American media to warn against the adopting of failed European social and economic policies. Jack was removed from university for refusing to abide by politically correct school rules, and for calling out lecturer Dr Leon Moosavi for attempting to justify the murder of soldier Lee Rigby. In an article on the University of Liverpool website, Dr Moosavi claimed that the attack was legitimate ‘dissent’ against UK foreign policy. As a paleoconservative and a culturist, Jack promotes individual liberty and national autonomy, and believes that the United States is in a position to use its size and power to begin the restoration of Western civilisation.
  • Victor Bassoon

    Name. The. Company.

    Now that Trump has won the and the Alt-Right is awakened there is good reason to do so. We need to be clear on who our enemies are. Besides, the manager needs to be fired so the company can continue and flourish. One way to assist that process is by publicly identifying the company (which just might help in identifying and replacing the douchebag manager).

  • Jared

    Sounds a lot like those other fake stories from the left – remember the herka derka who made up a police report about being assaulted by guys in Trump hats?



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