12/02/16 Cuck of the Week: Mitt Romney

Donald pissed on his chips, and Mitt thanked him for it. Need we say any more about this? Related...
Pictured: cuck.

Donald pissed on his chips, and Mitt thanked him for it.

Need we say any more about this?

Cuck Of The Week

Jack Buckby is a former student of politics, a writer and the Press Officer for British conservative political party Liberty GB. He stood for election with Paul Weston in the European Elections in 2014, and regularly cooperates with American media to warn against the adopting of failed European social and economic policies. Jack was removed from university for refusing to abide by politically correct school rules, and for calling out lecturer Dr Leon Moosavi for attempting to justify the murder of soldier Lee Rigby. In an article on the University of Liverpool website, Dr Moosavi claimed that the attack was legitimate ‘dissent’ against UK foreign policy. As a paleoconservative and a culturist, Jack promotes individual liberty and national autonomy, and believes that the United States is in a position to use its size and power to begin the restoration of Western civilisation.
  • Jeanne DeSilver

    I don’t think Romney enjoyed his meal at all. He should have asked for a “doggy bag”/takeout box and handed it to one of the reporters waiting patiently outside, hoping to be the 1st to know what we’re all waiting to know. Well, we know the 1st part: #NeverRomney, but we don’t know, for sure, who gets the SOS position on the train.

  • One-Eye

    “Enjoy your new post as ambassador to Syria…”

  • chewtoy2016

    The only position I see Mittens qualified for at this point is cleaning toilets at State Department HQ in Washington.

  • Gnome_Chumpskie

    Mr. Trump finally explained “look, Mitt, we’ve decided that we need a real man in this slot, someone with a serious pair of brass cojones, a take no shit type; we’re going with Candy Crowley . . . . . . . . Just fucking with ya, you never had a chance.”



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