Liz Wheeler: A Proud Boy Profile

Next big blonde thing?

There is a handful of smoking hot blonde conservative commentators.

The first who come to mind are Lauren Southern, Tomi Lahren, Katherine Timpf and Milo Yiannopolous. These Internet Princesses accompanied by the Queen Ann Coulter, represent a monarchy of blonde bombshell conservatives.

Megyn Kelly is old news. She’s headed in a much more masculine direction these days. Yikes.

The smoking hot blondes mentioned are all well known, but Liz Wheeler is the next big name in my opinion.

Liz Wheeler, reporter for One American News Network (OANN) is potentially the hottest of them all. In my opinion, Liz is hotter than Tomi Lauren but I’m not sure if she’s hotter than Lauren Southern. That’s a toss up. If I had to choose I’d probably choose Liz. I hope saying this doesn’t fuck up my chances with Lauren. Oh well.


Here’s why I like Liz: She’s hotter than Tomi Lahren but not as annoying. I’m not saying Tomi Lauren isn’t wonderful, she is. She just gets kind of annoying when she yells while she talks.

Liz is a better speaker and overall underrated as a conservative commentator. She will be big. You heard it here first on

What’s your take? Is Liz Wheeler the next Tomi Lahren or Lauren Southern?

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  • chewtoy2016

    I barely even knew that my cable subscription even had OANN before I read this article. I’ll pretty much move over to there for the news cycles.

  • One-Eye

    Agreed about Tomi. She’s fine as frog hair but she does kind of pour it on a bit. like she’s trying to be the hot chick version of Alex Jones.

    But Lauren Southern will always be my girl. Her little lisp, exquisite blond hotness and fearlessness in the face of SJW psychopaths pretty much makes her the perfect woman.

  • Mark Emarc

    make america blonde and sexy again



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