About Us

Inspired by the Proud Boys movement, created by Gavin McInnnes, ProudBoy Magazine is a new type of media outlet that gives a voice to Western people who refuse to apologise for their history, culture and success. ProudBoy offers news and perspective from men and women who share this outlook.

Definitely a boardroom full of Jews and Gavin McInnes… attempting to subvert our movement


White supremacists

-Nicole Disser, Bedford and Bowery

A corrupt organization led by cult leader, Jack Buckby, with the intent of embezzling tens of dollars from people on the internet

-Mike David, radio host?


Editor-in-Chief: Jack Buckby

Jack Buckby has been active in counter-jihad politics in Britain since 2009, and since being illegally expelled from the University of Liverpool for espousing the wrong political beliefs, has worked to promote freedom of speech and culturist ideas, stood for election for Liberty GB, and become hated by the national press. He believes in limited government and culturism, and doesn’t particularly like Islam.

Find him on Twitter @JackBuckby and visit his website www.jackbuckby.co.uk

Executive Production Director: Pawl Bazile

Pawl Bazile is a libertarian film maker living in New Jersey. As executive production director of proudboy magazine he is in charge on developing original projects and talent relations. He has an absolutist position on free speech.

Find him on Twitter @PawlBazile and visit his website www.newmeasureproductions.com