Capitulation is Killing Education

When’s the last time you took a nice, relaxing trip to South Africa? Not recently? Let me fill you in. Students have been protesting (read: rioting) at universities across...

When’s the last time you took a nice, relaxing trip to South Africa? Not recently? Let me fill you in.

whitepplStudents have been protesting (read: rioting) at universities across the country, spraypainting World War memorials with “fuck white people,” and pushing for a more “African” (read: Marxist) take on tertiary education.

Among their demands, like free university education in a country where less than 5 percent of the population pays income tax, there is one that is particularly troubling. I’m talking about the decolonization of education.

In case you’re not up-to-date with the lingo of the unemployed future, decolonization of education essentially means anything Western or white is bad. This includes science, apparently, which should be replaced by teaching the values of black magic.

You can’t make this stuff up.

cantmakeupThis all started last year with a movement called #RhodesMustFall, referring to a statue on campus that was somehow offending fully grown students. Cecil Rhodes, of course, built the university, supplied a long-lasting bursary and is largely responsible for the development of Southern Africa. But, because he represented Western influence, he was demonized, had feces flung at his statue, and ultimately was characterized as a racist white devil.

So what the vice-chancellor’s response to vandalism of university property, public disturbance, and intimidation of other students? Why, to capitulate, of course! The statue was eventually removed and locked up in a storeroom somewhere. This was followed by so-called protesters raiding student residences around campus and burning ancient books and art merely because they were created by Westerners, or in their nomenclature, old white men.

Unfortunately for these fallests, as they’ve come to be known, they’ll have to start a lot more fires.

Western civilization is largely responsible for and heavily featured in the education system because it created a successful system that allowed the development of society as we know it today. Isn’t that something worth learning about? That’s something worth fighting for, but you never see anyone standing up for it.

However, because it’s Western, and because the world values inclusivity and feelings over progress and facts, the country has reached a point where its universities have been shut down.

The reason I bring this up is because the dangers of capitulation have slowly eaten away at the foundation of what made the West so great in the first place. Now, everything is starting to crumble like apple pie. Had the chancellor, Max Price, not capitulated to overly sensitive students and used two words rhyming with “yuck fou,” this whole series of events could have been avoided.

But don’t think this is just a once-off African thing like an ebola epidemic; it’s happening in your own backyard.

Coming out in favor of the West is not a popular thing anywhere in the world. Apologizing for the success of a civilization where others have failed is not only cowardly, but stupid and hinders progress as a nation.

Capitulation is a direct cause of whiney social justice warriors, feminist man-haters, and the advent of more than 30 genders. By letting the small stuff slide, we’ve effectively started sliding downhill on a greaseball of trigglypuffs, right over freedom of thought and freedom of speech, and we’re about to hit Lady Liberty herself.

Every time you’ve apologized for being insensitive, every time you’ve been afraid of judgement, and every time you’ve kept quiet to keep the peace, you are nurturing a nation of capitulation. You’re kind of like that guy who sells his masculinity because you want to get laid, but all you end up with is a sad handjob.

Don’t let Western civilization go out with a sad handjob. Speak up.

  • Justin Dunn

    I think they should start helping resettle refugees in their area.

  • chewtoy2016

    and when everything comes crashing down because the trains no longer run on time and trash is not longer picked up? Does the blame continue to be set on the shoulders of whites? If I’m living in South Africa right now, I’m looking for somewhere in Europe or Australia at this point.



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