Did Creepy FEMA Alert Predict New Jersey Train Crash?

On September 28th at 6:15 PM, news station WKTV NEWS Channel 2 in New York issued a state of emergency for a Hazardous Materials warning for the United States....

On September 28th at 6:15 PM, news station WKTV NEWS Channel 2 in New York issued a state of emergency for a Hazardous Materials warning for the United States.

The understandably startling message was immediately retracted by the station on their Facebook page.

According to WKTV, it was just automated test from FEMA and there was nothing to worry about.  What WKTV failed to mention, though, was the strange message tailing the warning:

Would you. Could you. On a train? Wait for further instructions.

I’ve watched this clip a few times and I keep getting chills. It can only be described as creepy. Oh well, just a test right?

Well, another emergency message was issued again and this time, the station explicitly blames FEMA:

Curious, but obviously nothing to worry about. Unless you look deep into the comments section for this easily overlooked piece of information:

FEMA replied that they did not send this out. They will launch a full investigation into how their codes were hacked. WKTV seems to be the only target of this hack. For now, we have disabled the codes in our decoder that trigger this alert. If there is a real National Alert, we will still receive it from the local radio stations we are assigned to monitor. WKTV will cooperate fully with FEMA, providing information about our hardware, software and internet access, and will provide log files from our devices. This information will be helpful to FEMA to track down the source of this hack.


It appears as though FEMA was hacked and was sending out strange cryptic messages to a New York news station, but don’t worry; they’re looking into it. Clearly, this isn’t anything to worry about it, it’s just a neckbearded hacker in his basement who likes trolling New Stations with references to Dr. Seuss books.

Until hours later…

Look, I don’t want to go all Alex Jones on you guys. I don’t want to speculate on scenarios involving terrorist hackers sending messages through local news. I don’t want to go on tangents about sleeper agents being awoken by hacked FEMA codes. I don’t want to do that.

So I won’t.


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  • Rick Lopez

    It MUST be related.

    • The Cuck Clocker

      this was the false flag that OBUMMER left to distract from the real issue of the hazmat warning.

      wake up fatty.

  • chewtoy2016

    As much as I would like to think things happen as statistical anomalies, there is really no way for me to believe that there isn’t some kind of connection to this and the train accident.

    • The Cuck Clocker

      the obama admin is purposefully delaying work on public infra and then using it in false flag attacks to cover their traces when they do something stupid years later.



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