In Defense of Feminism (Gulp)

Whether you believe in evolution or creation there is no doubt that women play different roles in society than men from procreation to basic relationships of daughters, wives, mothers and even co-workers. Men have a long history of leading countries, being the head of the house and being the main source of strength and provision.

Holy fuck am I committing Proud Boy support suicide?! A defense for feminism. I think I threw up in my mouth just thinking the words… But here it is, because we need to understand what we hate, and I hate modern feminism.

Whether you believe in evolution or creation there is no doubt that women play different roles in society than men from procreation to basic relationships of daughters, wives, mothers, and even co-workers. Men have a long history of leading countries, being the head of the house and being the main source of strength and provision.

Being a woman today comes with some problems, or as a feminist would put it “opportunities”. And in response to these problems, we (women) are put into situations that we don’t naturally know how to handle. I think it all boils down to the fear of freedom. As a working woman in America, you quickly learn that freedom, in the sense of freedom to work, not work, fuck, suck or not affects what you realize is possible. At any given moment I can teach, learn profit and LIVE whatever reality I want. So the moment Jr. comes along we aren’t really prepared, and two people go from being a happy man and wife, to parents who don’t know what the hell they’re doing.

How do we handle going from enjoying complete freedom, to being “caged” mothers?

Our mom left Dad because he cheated, our grandparents weren’t in our daily lives. No one was there to help or prep us for this transition. One solution is embracing feminism and getting back into to the workforce, promoting the “you can have it all” lifestyle, which is really neglecting our children.

Another is never procreating because they’re a horrible money sucking vermin.

Then, after the babies start flooding in, we see “him”. In anger, envy and even bitter resentment. Dad. His life didn’t drastically change like ours quite did. He still has his absolute freedom. Or at least, that’s how it can be perceived. The reality, however, is that Dad has also made changes. They may not be quite as drastic as ours, which is probably why it’s so hard for feminists to acknowledge his restrictions and sacrifices.

In short, women are unprepared. Instead of growing up, expecting a life of motherhood, a life dedicated to being a helping hand to our husbands, we grow up being told we can be anything. Which is a lie for most of us.

The solution that feminists should be focusing on is telling the truth. Promoting life skills for women of all ages. Uplifting the miracle of child raising and informing wives that their happiness (or bitterness) is what makes their men want (or reject them). We can have it all, but it takes effort and sacrifice. Just like it does for him.

Here’s a little preaching from the choir, a snippet of Genesis 3:16

“thy desire shall be to thy husband, and he shall rule over thee.”

Now this can be expressed in so many ways but our bitter resentment, envy and hatred of men’s freedom is in part due to this. Whether it’s a biological longing that isn’t perfected with evolution or God’s way of punishing us for convincing a man to do something stupid; our desires are to be good wives.

But how is this possible when we are taught we can have it all while we watch our husbands from our “cages”?

From the sidelines I watch a good friend of mine and how she handles her husband. She is controlling, he must ask for everything, and the issues go beyond what I can share. But what I see is a man becoming frustrated. And falling away from his wife – where in truth, his wife is acting in such a control freak way because she wants him to be as limited as she is. And from the outside, I’m watching a marriage crumble because of a woman’s fear of freedom.

It is up to feminists to embrace and promote a submissive role for housewives. They should be on the front lines, telling women, the ones that want kids, the truth that each stage of a woman’s life is worthy, and that communication and trust build marriages. Not leashes and commands.

Everyone risks fear of freedom with our partners, guys still have to worry about their missus hopping in bed with the milkman (or neighbor, or guy she’s always re-tweeting and giggling with at 1 am).

So while it’s completely logical to fight for women’s rights, it is irresponsible to teach women that they can “have it all” without preparing them for the fear of freedom.

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I live in Minneapolis as Proud Boys' Girl and stay-at-home mom to two young girls. I have blogged on a small scale but my focus is on being the best Mom I can be. As the youngest to 10 kids I'm the black sheep conservative, and unlike Margret Sanger who was also the youngest of a large family I actually find value in family life and see importance of its impact on the community and country. I believe the west is the best and that by supporting Proud Boys I am also liberating women who feel pressure by the backwards norms of feminism. "Embracing femininity is embracing a man being a man."
  • Juli

    This is just awful. Let’s just not generalize and become extremists like a lot of conservatives and feminists. Respect women’s choice on wanting to be housewife or a working mom. Not all husbands are unhappy with women who take the lead, same way as not all women who decide to devote their time to their families feel restrained. We are just pushing people against each other instead of helping one another.

  • Lion

    The statement, brought on by people who do not completely understand what feminism is, of how feminism is telling us that ‘housewives [etc.] are failures’. It is not and they are not. The bottom line of feminism is that, as long as the woman is in a position where she can choose what she wants, on an informed basis, and achieve it, that’s fine and the woman can do whatever she would like, including being a housewife. On the other end of the spectrum, 72% of women in the UK feel conflicted in their ability to balance family with a career and 69% say that society expects women to put family before their career. This, frankly, should not be the case. The reason that so much strain is put on women, especially those who are pregnant or caring for younger children, is not only a bane forced on by society, but also due to the current conditions of men’s paternity leave: 91% of fathers take time off after birth, however only 29% of these take more than 2 weeks, leaving mothers to single handedly carry out ‘maintenance’ at home, forcing 54% of women with children to leave their respective workplaces for need of a better work-life balance. This is an appallingly high number of cases, bearing in mind that many of these will be taken indefinitely, leaving the mother as a permanent housewife for many reasons, including a feeling that she may be excluded or lacking behind at her previous workplace. 56.4% of mothers with dependent children are not in full time employment.

    Your views seem uninformed.



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