Diversity Killed Camaraderie

The push for several sacred cows of the liberal Left over the years have escalated. The results of them never seem to be recognized for the harm they cause.
thomas sowell

Working for one of the world’s largest financial institutions should be a safe haven for capitalism and camaraderie among like-minded peers.

Far from it.

I’ve seen human resources and management continually eviscerate any chance of open dialogue among colleagues. The focus on checking the politically correct boxes for candidates has resulted in a dramatic increase of unqualified hires for the sake of precious diversity.  

There’s a consistent artificial guiding hand forcing egalitarianism of race, gender, and even sexual persuasion. I’ve noticed that many colleagues feel the same frustration not only for the lack of consistent quality but because at times it diminishes their own credibility if they happen to be part of a preferential group. Even though no one dares question the importance of diversity at work, it only takes about three drinks to see who else is also a method actor. One of the consistent annual themes within every employee’s performance plan is diversity, regardless of the company.

Fast-track diversity by outsourcing

One of my most recent method roles has been dedicated to outsourcing a third of a business group to cheaper global locations to hire resources that are clearly of subpar quality. The labor arbitrage will deliver profitability for a few years until the poor quality demands a change again. What a charming coincidence that the diversity box is checked while also finding incredibly cheap resources. To integrate the new influx of resources from around the world working from cheap, in some cases third-world nations, the management team decided to host a “culture week.”  Imagine the arrogance it takes to think a one-week communications push will help integrate people from far corners of the world despite their disparate values. Think of the temerity it takes to pretend it will work.

Department of diversity

If not leveraging diversity while also outsourcing, you’ll typically find large companies loading up on two or three preferential categories in one back-office department and compartmentalizing all the diversity in one place. For example, you will find a lot of non-cis genders who also happen to be Eskimos because being one or the other is not enough. This is how you can tell it’s about the numbers and not about truly showing consistent diversity on a departmental basis.  

In one role, my department head (only two levels down from the CEO) had eight women reporting directly to her out of eight open spots. I felt like any second I’d be burnt alive by women in farm animal costumes.


There tends to be a strong presence of resources hired on U.S. visas. Collaboration among people whose values are so varying is impossible with not enough common ground to connect upon. Any topic of substance or meaning is untouchable as a result for the delicate sensibilities it might fray.

At one major institution, a C-level officer was forced to hire a specific type of person for an open role on the management team. To recruit the specific person in mind, they lied to the candidate about the significance of the role and quickly inflated the offer so much that the candidate actually wound up making more than the executive. This diversity worship for the type of person rather than the most qualified candidate resulted in the candidate flaking out in a year and hiding out on disability to find a new job. I couldn’t even blame them. What was the benefit for the organization or society as a whole? What societal wrong did we correct through this exercise?

Ubiquitous Leftism

The point of this tirade is to share how the liberal mindset has permeated even the most capitalistic of places:

  • Socialism praised openly among colleagues
  • MSNBC plays in every breakroom on every floor exclusively
  • Internal corporate emails about trans-family’s obstacles
  • Management praising “replacing the same at the top”

There are a lot of people that have earned where they are and I won’t generalize this to be worse than it is, but the impact of the mindset has had lasting impacts. I find it hard to stomach how far the pendulum has swung and how brazenly.  At a minimum, I don’t feel terribly welcome.  At a maximum, it creates an environment where anyone right-leaning or capitalistic is sneered at for voicing their opinion.

This is not new

The push for several sacred cows of the liberal Left over the years have escalated. The results of them never seem to be recognized for the harm they cause. Thomas Sewell, a conservative African-American who conducted an international study of government-mandated preferences for designated groups, found common patterns:

  • Preferential programs, even when explicitly and repeatedly defined as “temporary,” have tended not only to persist but also expand in scope, either embracing more groups or spreading to wider realms for the same groups, or both.  Even preferential programs established with legally mandated cut-off dates, as in India and Pakistan, have continued far past those dates by subsequent extensions.
  • Within the groups designated by government as recipients of preferential treatment, the benefits have usually gone disproportionately to those members already more fortunate.
  • Group polarization has tended to increase in the wake of preferential programs, in ways ranging from a political backlash to mob violence and civil war.
  • Fraudulent claims of belonging to the designated beneficiary groups have been widespread and have taken many forms in various countries.

“Much of the social history of the Western world, over the past three decades, has been a history of replacing what worked with what sounded good.” – Dr. Thomas Sewell


I’m glad the recent news cycle has raised some attention to the net damage of labor arbitrage and preferential hiring programs, as well as the impact of political correctness in multiple arenas.


Raised middle class with an emphasis on character, education, and family. Didn't realize he was a Republican until he went to a liberal arts college. Grateful of opportunities given thanks to hard-working, blue collar, assimilated immigrant grandparents. When not working for a Fortune 100 firm, he is constantly absorbing content on politics, nature, history, and physics. Follow @CorporateSlime on Twitter.
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