First Day Proud (3 of 3) – Becoming a Self-Reliant Man

Today we are going to wrap up the list of what you’d need to examine and change to become a happy, confident, and self-reliant man (See PART 1 &...

Today we are going to wrap up the list of what you’d need to examine and change to become a happy, confident, and self-reliant man (See PART 1 & PART 2). Without these next two steps, it will be difficult to maintain and progress in any of the other one.

At the risk of sounding like a hippie, we’re going to talk about “Mind and “Body”. One complements the other. Being decisive, informed, and thinking on your feet are crucial parts of manhood. The best way to keep a mind sharp and focused is to have the discipline to maintain your own physical health. They go hand in hand, and once these steps are applied to the previous 5, you won’t just be a stronger individual, you’ll be stronger for the culture itself.  

Step Six: Mind


A good Proud Boy stays informed. Keeping the mind fit is key. Always be reading something. There’s more than likely a book in your house that you haven’t read, so start it tonight.  Ignorance is for our enemies. Consult the Proud Boy reading list for suggestions. It’s necessary to be informed on any topics you plan on arguing about.

So for Christ’s sake learn something!

Social Justice Warriors suck so hard because of how little they read. The beauty of reading is that there’s literally a book about everything.  Any “How to” books are great, and it’s important to learn history. Personally I personally love biographies.  Don’t have time?  You’re a liar. You can download audiobooks. Listen to them in your car on the way to work, or bumming around the house.  While you’re at it, download some cool and funny podcast too.  Arguing on social media all day can be fun, but if you’ve been getting most of the information you know from memes, you ought to be ashamed of yourself.

The more you read, the more useful you’ll become to yourself and others, and if you’re trying to start a business or learn a particular craft, chances are someone who has done it much better than you has already written a book on it.

There is also nothing wrong with going to YouTube and watching tutorials. Rarely have I found anything that can’t be explained to be in 20 minutes on YouTube. I also make sure to listen to at least a half an hour of music a day. It’s good for your brain. If you don’t know how to play an instrument, start learning because it’s an awesome part about being human. We live in exciting times, take advantage of them.

Step Seven: Body


Nothing helps a sound mind more than a sound body. Don’t be the fat, Taco Bell-eating, bloat-faced, asshole; or it won’t matter if you know what you’re talking about.  Not taking care of yourself gives people an “in” to not take you seriously. Like it or not, why should they?  If you can’t control your eating and exercise habits, how good is your life really going?  I recommend reading “The 4 Hour Body” by Tim Ferris, especially if you need practical help on the nuts and bolts of getting started. The best part of the book is that Ferris doesn’t give a single fuck about feelings, self esteem, or even if you follow what he says. It’s simply a collection of well-researched data about the human body, from which you can see which actions trigger which reactions.

This will let you get the most result with the least effort. The rest is up to you.

Proud Boys should be encouraged to play team sports.

These guys got it.

I’d like to see some “Proud Boys” teams popping up all over the country in local adult-leagues. Pick a sport and stop by a few pickup games, maybe once a week. Google it – there are year-round things like this at rec-centers that you can do on the cheap. Make friends, be active, and get out of your fucking house. The only sport I’ve ever been good at was hockey.  I stopped playing after high school. This past year I just picked it up again and found it incredibly difficult to suck so hard after not being on the ice for as long as I was.

A while later, and I’ve dropped a bunch of weight, gotten stronger, and remember how much fun it was.

Organized sports as an adult, even if it’s just some pickup games, will give you a solid reason to stay in shape. You’ll see yourself improving even if you just keeping showing up. No one will care that you suck, because it’s just a stupid pickup game. While we’re at it, do twenty pushups right now.  Twenty a day is the number that I hear kicking-around, however, I think that an even hundred is better for men of our ilk. Push-ups are free.

To conclude…

There is a terrible excuse for men on every corner. Instead of fight you, I’d much rather show you a better way. No one ever told me that being the man is about taking the lead.

Being a man, rather being an adult, means being responsible.

The goal in life is not to act like you’re a teenager forever. There has been something in the air recently; a hint of the return of western chauvinism.  I like it, and I want more people to like it. A lot of brand-new eyes are tuning in to what we have to say.

If you want to get on board, start tonight, because no one around you is talking about the ideals that got us here anymore. If you want to be proud, you can’t be shameful at the same time. Being a man means making yourself stronger and finding answers to difficult questions.

I know that I spent a lot of my life making excuses and wallowing in mediocrity. I was told being weak was ok.

Well it’s not fucking ok.

Your house, car, job, relationship, knowledge, and body should be a reflection of the person you are. It should say everything about you. If you live in a western society, it says something about us all. Do we want to look at ourselves and see weak, sad, broke, constantly-complaining, uninformed, douchebags who only think about intellectualism in terms of self-hate?

Every generation that has come before us as had it tougher, so if they can grab their lives by the balls, then so can we. Let’s start living everyday like a Nick Cave, Tom Waits, or James Brown song. Fuck on the floor, break shit, and don’t require anyone’s permission to do what you know is right for you.

Change yourself like this, and you can change the world.


PawL Bazile was born in Jersey City, New Jersey in 1984. He grew up in a middle-class suburban Italian American family and studied Theater Arts, Literature, and Filmmaking in New York City. He self educates in Science and History regularly. He made his 1st short film when he was 14 and received an honorable mention from Kean University. Since then he has written, produced and directed dozens of short films and completed an award winning feature length documentary LIVING THE AMERICAN NIGHTMARE (2011) with punk rock and metal legends including members of the Misfits, Bill Ward of Black Sabbath and Peter Steele of Type O Negative. Currently he is making the motorcycle documentary SAVAGE which will discuss the life of his murdered uncle. Pawl Bazile has performed comedy, poetry, and spoken word. He has also acted in films and appeared in plays off Broadway. PawL regularly contributes to SugarBuzz Magazine and is a regular contributor for Proud Boys Magazine. Pawl Bazile currently runs a media company called New Measure Productions and lives in a dangerous neighborhood.


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