Hillary Should Call Trump Supporters ‘Culturist’, Not Deplorables

When Clinton said we Trump supporters were in the ‘basket of deplorables’ (terrible rhetoric), and “racist, sexist, homophobic, xenophobic, Islamophobic,” there was some truth to it. Then, upon hearing...

When Clinton said we Trump supporters were in the ‘basket of deplorables’ (terrible rhetoric), and “racist, sexist, homophobic, xenophobic, Islamophobic,” there was some truth to it. Then, upon hearing this slander, cucks get defensive and deny our truths. But, we do have concerns about culture, gender, etc. And, just denying we’re ‘racist,’ ‘Islamophobes,’ etc, is defensive and ineffective. Deploying the terms ‘culturist’ and ‘culturism’ will allow us to attack aggressively while bringing more people into the Trump camp.

I have black friends. Really. I like and get along with most black people. But, that doesn’t stop me from noticing that there is a malevolent, violent, too-sexual strain in the black culture. Proof of this is in the Chicago morgues. These issues are culturist, not racist. People cannot change their race. But, discussing culture can be very productive. Black lives are at stake! We need honesty. Even Clinton should be able to get on board with that culturist truth! Discussing culture is not racist.

Cultural diversity exists!

As a multiculturalist, Clinton has to admit that! Islam was started by a warrior. Its adoption by theocrats leads to horrible persecution of gays, women, and religious minorities. Culturists just want to discuss the reality of cultural diversity. Muslim moderates will affirm such traits and could understand reasonable security measures. If she can’t accede to nuanced, culturist discussions, at least our framing our concerns as such can push her into a corner. If cultural diversity is real, discussing it is rational. Isn’t it Hill?

As a multiculturalist, Clinton believes that America has no core culture: every culture is just as American as every other one. Culturism, (the opposite of multiculturalism), asserts that America has a culture. Mariachi is Mexican, not American. Furthermore, culturists take cultural diversity seriously. It is not a coincidence that Christian nations, and not Islamic ones, evolve towards democracy. Being clear that our culture, not the white race, defines America, we can push for cultural protection, assimilation, and American pride. This beats just defensively denying we’re racist.

Sexist much?

Everyone knows that men and women differ. And, as raising children is essential to continuing a culture, discussing gender roles is important. In the post-PC world Trump is inaugurating, if we can agree on this much, we can have important productive culturist discussions about gender. Science and the silent majority are on our side. Framing gender discussions as science-based cultural concerns, as a culturist, will blunt her mad attacks, while it allows us alt-right types to air our concerns.

Calling people ‘homophobic’ also prevents important culturist discussions. Basic science tells us that both environmental and genetic factors influence rates of homosexuality and how it is expressed. All reasonable gays will agree with this. And, again, as the family is important to the success of our culture is important, discussing this cultural issue is important If we take this culturist angle, we might even have amicable discussions on subjects such as gay marriage with patriotic gays. In the face of such nuanced, amicable culturist discussions, wherein we claim the mantle of science, Clinton’s ‘homophobe’ attacks will look ever more like tantrums.

Trump discusses Islam, Mexican crime and African-American’s cultural maladies. But, he never talks about genetic determinism. This shows he’s a culturist, not a racist. And, his bursting the PC bubble has shown that Americans want to discuss such cultural issues.

If we make the terms go viral, Trump may pick them up.

Alongside his other issues, this could open up reasonable dialogue on gender and homosexuality, while it melts the Left’s libelous slander, uniting Americans of all stripes, and making America great again.

If, in response to Clinton’s attacks, we say ‘We’re not racist!’ our sincerity will be mocked.

We have real concerns with borders, Islam, and African-American culture. Using the terms culturist and culturism forefronts the reasonableness of our concerns.

Take action. Deploy them today!



John K. Press, Ph.D., teaches at a university in South Korea. He is the author of the book, Culturism: A Word, A Value, Our Future. More information can be found at www.culturism.us. He tweets at @culturist
  • One-Eye

    ‘Diversity’ is a good idea as long as every party carries their weight.

    But when one party ends up having to carry everyone else (as always happens) there is no strength there. You have a frail, weakened system that can be easily defeated.

    • Culturist John

      Yes. Well, multiculturalism, in theory, isn’t entirely horrible. But, one Yuge problem is that it is tied in with Marxist resentment. That means it is a liberation movement agains the assumed oppression of the people-of-color by whites and western civ. But, even without that, it is corrosive of Western pride. The old worlds people are refugees from, suck!

  • Rik Storey

    Excellent work.

    • Culturist John

      Thanks! Spread the word!

  • Chris Haze

    Diversity has never been any nations strength.



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