HOLLYWOOD LIBERAL Episode 9: “#Stoners4Trump w/ Alan J. Ericson” #Barter7

David Ross Spielman talks to Alan J. Ericson about his new book, Barter 7, on the Hollywood Liberal podcast.

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Creator of Gorilla Radio, ProudBoy Magazine Writer, Martin Shkreli BFF, Author of the upcoming literary masterpiece,Barter 7, and fellow Culture Warrior, Alan J. Ericson, joins David to shoot the shit about Barter 7, Gorilla Radio Crushing It, Saving The Culture with Hollywood Liberal, Compound Media, ProudBoy Magazine, Waking Up Liberals, #Stoners4Trump, Getting Woke, Shrooms, Alan’s Gangster List of Ill Shout-Outs, Gad Saad (“The Gadfather”), Why Rappers Should Be Trump Supporters, Fighting Back Against The Leftist Establishment, Winning The Culture Wars, Gavin’s Masterpiece, The Death of Cool, The Alt Renaissance Pushing The Culture Forward, Dealing With Brainwashed Liberals, Milo Wilde, Fat Feminists & Even Fatter Activists, Political Correctness in Corporate Culture, God Emperor Trump Being The New N.W.A,Charlamagne Tha God, Why Macklemore Is The Hillary Clinton of Hip-Hop, The Cults of “Liberalism” & “Progressivism”, The Left’s Obsession with Dumb Celebrity Puppets & Identity Politics, Not Self-Censoring, Ke$ha’s SJW Transition, SarahSilverman’s Dementia, The War on Drugs, Authoritarians vs. Libertarians, Millennials, Bernie Losers, Leftist Bullshit, Conspiracy Theories, MSM Manipulation, Obama & Killary’s Bigotry of Low Expectations, Chiraq, Opiates, ShitLords, Alan’s Twitter Ban, America, Hollywood Liberals, Hillary’s Future Imprisonment, Progressives = Regressives, Martin “Pharma Bro” Shkreli Being Alan’s BFF, Respecting Nuts (#RespectNuts), Libs Being Fun Police, BET, Wet Pussies, Libs Creating Fake Issues, PC Madness, Trevor Noah’s Wackness, Dealing With Annoying Communists, Pulling Bros Out of Academia, David’s Next-Level Bullshit Detector, Leftist Race Obsession, Gavin & Milo’s Historic Orlando Speech, Why MLKWould’ve Voted For Trump, Concert Blunts, Bringing Bullies Back, Ratchets Gone Wild, Retards, “Offensive” Words, Confirmation Bias, Hippi-Dippi Liberal Propaganda, Restoring Meritocracy, Mainstream “Trash” Media, Mark Dice,Cernovich, Real Woke vs. Fake Woke, City of God, The Olympics Being A Joke, Protected Groups, Victim Ideology Trumping Aesthetics, The Oppression Olympics, & More! Follow Alan @GorillaRadio_Tv and David @DavidRossSpiel @HollywoodLibPod!
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David Ross Spielman is a writer, host of the "Hollywood Liberal" podcast, social commentator, and curator of all things badass. A Warner Bros. Television Writers’ Workshop finalist and a recipient the R. Breen Graduate Scholarship at The Loyola Marymount University’s Writing & Producing for Television & Film program. David cut his teeth at The Weinstein Company in New York City and at The Mark Gordon Company in Los Angeles. In addition to his extensive portfolio of articles, screenplays, and teleplays, David has written for Reel Movie Critic, been a spokesperson for Sharpie’s “Write Your Own Movie Review Contest,” and curated music libraries for GoGurt, Schick, Mead, and Quaker. As a cultural libertarian and a classical liberal, David promotes freedom of speech, freedom of thought, and individual autonomy. He believes that pushing the culture forward in Western society begins with getting past antiquated, humorless, and regressive concepts such as political correctness, identity politics, outrage culture, and the grievance industry. Hit David up at [email protected] with all of your questions and stories involving your own experiences with Hollywood Liberal snowflakes. Follow David on Twitter @DavidRossSpiel for all of his latest politically incorrect ramblings and on Instagram @DavidRossSpielman for all of his badass film, television, podcast, book, and music picks.


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