HOLLYWOOD LIBERAL Episode 11: “Dave Kast”

David Ross Spielman talks to Top Researcher from the Gavin McInnes Show, Dave Kast


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Top Researcher for Compound Media’s “The Gavin McInnes Show” and ProudBoy Legend, Dave Kast, joins David at the Compound Media Studios in New York City to shoot the shit about Kast’s Journey To TGMS, ProudBoys, Dante “The Pope” Nero & The Beige Phillip Show, Hail, Caesar!, How Liberalism & Identity Politics Ruined Hollywood, Why College Is A Joke, L.A. Sucking, The Genius of ProudBoy Godfather/Prophet Gavin McInnes, Buttplugs, Hollywood Gatekeepers Not Knowing Jack Shit About Film, The Two Daves (#DoubleDs) Plan To Trump Hollywood, The Left’s Recreational Destruction Of The Culture, Mark Ruffalo Being A Loser Hollywood Liberal, HBO’s New Series Insecure Being A Pile Of SJW Horseshit, The Sopranos Being A Way of Life, The Absence of Meritocracy in Hollywood, Vito “Johnny Cakes” Spatafore, Paul Thomas Anderson’s Classic Boogie Nights, Celebrity Deaths, Hollywood’s Disdain For Their Audience, Transgender Movies, Goodfellas vs. Casino, Liberals & Holidays, Punch Drunk LoveAmerican Beauty Being Liberal Propaganda, Avatar Being A Nerd Movie, Corrupt Collusion Between Studios & Film Critics, Hollywood’s Conservative Blacklisting, The Wolf of Wall Street Being The Bro GoodfellasCelebrities Alienating Their Audience With Their Politics, Clint Eastwood’s ProudBoy Legend Status, Robert De Niro Blowing In Real Life, Actor Rappers, Meta Rap, Guns N’ Roses, The Godfather, Sergio Leone’s Underrated Masterpiece, Once Upon A Time In America, Christopher Nolan & Pretentious Truck Flipping in Inception, Obnoxious Garbage Oscar Bait, The Real Reason Spotlight Got Made, Charlie Hebdo, Pamela Gellar, Censorship & Europe, The West Being The Best, Quaaludes, Retard Signaling, PC Madness, Recreational Outrage, The Left Wanting To Normalize Pedophilia & Male Breastfeeding, Cale Hartmann & “Liberal” Public Shaming, Thin-Skinned Pussy Culture, East Side Dave’s Epic Star Wars Remake, Culture Being Dead In Da Hood, Tyler Perry’s Status As A Cultural Terrorist, David Lynch’s Lost Highway Soundtrack, Underrated Movies, James Toback, Kast’s Favorite TGMS Guests, and Much More! Follow Dave Kast @DaveKast and @DavidRossSpiel @HollywoodLibPod!
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David Ross Spielman is a writer, host of the "Hollywood Liberal" podcast, social commentator, and curator of all things badass. A Warner Bros. Television Writers’ Workshop finalist and a recipient the R. Breen Graduate Scholarship at The Loyola Marymount University’s Writing & Producing for Television & Film program. David cut his teeth at The Weinstein Company in New York City and at The Mark Gordon Company in Los Angeles. In addition to his extensive portfolio of articles, screenplays, and teleplays, David has written for Reel Movie Critic, been a spokesperson for Sharpie’s “Write Your Own Movie Review Contest,” and curated music libraries for GoGurt, Schick, Mead, and Quaker. As a cultural libertarian and a classical liberal, David promotes freedom of speech, freedom of thought, and individual autonomy. He believes that pushing the culture forward in Western society begins with getting past antiquated, humorless, and regressive concepts such as political correctness, identity politics, outrage culture, and the grievance industry. Hit David up at [email protected] with all of your questions and stories involving your own experiences with Hollywood Liberal snowflakes. Follow David on Twitter @DavidRossSpiel for all of his latest politically incorrect ramblings and on Instagram @DavidRossSpielman for all of his badass film, television, podcast, book, and music picks.


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