HOLLYWOOD LIBERAL Episode 12: “It’s Always Darkest Before The Don”

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On this episode of ProudBoy Magazine’s Hollywood Liberal Podcast, one SO F%&CKING EPIC that it had to be broken up into two parts, David is joined by ProudBoy Magazine Editor-at-Large Ben “B$” Tonon & the HNIC himself, Kyle O, to discuss crushing Hollywood Liberals so God Emperor Trump can cross the rubicon, save the republic, and MAGA on November 8th! Topics include The Upcoming ProudBoy Magazine Election Night Launch Party (i.e. “The Most MAGA Party Of All-Time”), Ben’s Toronto ProudBoy Meetup Recap, Swapping Needles, David’s Chicago ProudBoy Meetup Recap, Sports Small Talk, Trump Being Julius Caesar, Pence’s Adrenaline Control, Killary’s Desperate Courting Of Hollywood Liberal Shill Pusscake Jay Z, David & Ben’s Faith In Ohio To Rise Above Killary’s Communist Propaganda, Presidential Donald In The 3rd Debate, Toddlers With Guns, Dishonest & Dumb Killary Supporters, The Don Making The Al Smith Dinner His Bitch, How Hillary Hawk Essentially Said She Wants World War III, Trump Being The Peace Candidate (!!!), Modern Parallels To Ancient Rome, Lines Being Drawn In The Ongoing Cultural Cold Civil War, The Democratic Media Complex’s Contempt For Trump & The American People, Michael Walsh’s Superb Encounter Broadside Book, The People v. the Democratic Party, The Newest James O’Keefe Project VeritasVideos, How The Left Manipulates Language, Canada’s Future, Ezra Levant’s The Rebel Media Being The Only Sane Canadian Media Outlet, Snowboard Instructor/Drama Teacher Trudeau’s Inevitable Nervous Breakdown Once Trump Wins, Scoffing Sanctimonious Elites, How Hillary & Obama Are Using Saul Alinsky’sRules For Radicals To Create A Social State With The Help Of Their “Useful Idiot” Footsoldiers, The Main Problem With All Government Interaction, The Ever-Growing List Of “Liberal” Smokescreens, Trans Advocacy Virtue Signaling, The Left’s Marxist Anti-Science Position, ProudBoy Professor Jordan Peterson Being Swarmed By Insane SJW’s at University of Toronto, Obama & Hillary’s Tyrannical Race To Destroy The First & Second Amendment, Hate Crime Hoaxes, Fleeing Europeans, Kiefer Sutherland’s Jamook Grandpappy, Thomas Sowell On Multiculturalism, The Latest Wikileak Bombshells, Sargon Of Akkad, Corrupt Chicago Politicians, Fighting Collectivism/Groupthink, Liberal Terrorism, Why Hollywood Liberals Are The Worst, “Activist Media”, Critical Theory Politicizing Everything, ProudBoys Getting Straight-Up Reactionary Against Radical Leftists, Black Pills, Why The Left’s Monopolization Of Academia Being Is Child Abuse, The Fall Of Europe, The Uniparty Establishment Vs. Trump, “Conspiracy Theory” Being A Synonym For “Truth” in 2016, Voter Fraud, Rigged Elections, Hillary Greenscreening Her Speeches, Sean “Big CajonesHannity, Obama’s Vitriol Towards America & The American People, “Orgies At Soros’s House”, Cultural Elite Hubris, Savage Leftists, It Literally Being Go-Time, Fake Liberal Moral High-Ground, The Death Of Legacy Journalism, Mass-Distributing Red Pills RIGHT NOW!, Saving The Soul Of Culture, Having A Blast By Exposing The Left, The Swinging Pendulum (#WeAreJustGettingStarted), Fight Club, Gloria Steinem Having Been Christian Bale’s Godmother, and More! Follow David @DavidRossSpiel@HollywoodLibPod, Ben @Bentonon, and Kyle O @ProudBoyMag!

Part 2 of “It’s Always Darkest Before The Don” picks up with David, Ben, and Kyle discussing “Social Construct” & Other BS Liberal Buzzwords, Real Deal Time, The Elite’s Disdain Towards Entrepreneurs, DNC Criminal Donna Brazile, How Marcuse’s “Partisan Tolerance” Became Mao’s “Political Correctness”, Stefan Molyneux’s Brilliant “That’s Not An Argument” Rebuttal, Andrew Breitbart’s “Coulter Test”, The Clintons Being The Worst Thing To Ever Happen To Women, Batshit Crazy Liberal Mental Gymnastics, Selected Democrat Memory, The Genius of Scott Adams (#BasedScottAdams), Julian Assange’s Fate, The Practicality Of Honesty, The Obama Golf Counter (Shoutout To David’s Bruh, T$ aka “Lil’ Oink”!), Trump’s Gettysburg Speech Being The Most Americana Speech Ever, The Fate Of The Internet, Johnson/Weld, Dank Piss Breaks, Layers Of Dipped Irony On Adult Swim’s Million Dollar Extreme Presents: World Peace, Macro Vs. Micro Thinking Across Genders, Leftist Intellectual Dishonesty, Nicholas Eberstadt’s Men Without Work, Voluntary Vs. Involuntary Participation, Liberals Forcing Multiculturalism & Diversity In Order To Destroy The Free Market, The Evolutionary Reason For Why Globalism Doesn’t Work, Orwell’s Animal Farm, How Radical Liberals Destroyed Academia, Getting Back To The Free Marketplace Of Ideas, Political Correctness Killing Science, Obama’s Executive Order Fetish, Fighting Information Burnout, Absurd College Majors, Sad Dog Moms, Crazy Salon Articles, Future ProudBoy Magazine Missions, “Offensive” Halloween Costumes, The Status Of David’s “Diversity” Open Letter To The NBA, Following The Money With Heat Street, Whether Or Not Lindsay Lohan Is a Victim Of Hollywood Liberal Human Trafficking, Stupid Things Michael Moore Says, Shitting Your Pants, Dumb Holidays, Anarcho-Capitalism, Stoned Base Jumping, Russian Nukes, Gender Insanity In The Military, Two-Spirits, Liberalism As A Scam, Defamation & The Grievance Industry, The DNC Organized Crime Family, The Importance Of Exit Polls, Talking About Abortion, Hard Nut Busts, Saving The Kids, Awkward Stats, The Forthcoming Inevitable Blowback on PC Culture, Why Hollywood Liberals Should Be Setting The Timers On Their Careers, Operation Sausage Panty, Whether Or Not Lesdoggy Is Retarded, Pissing Yourself, Oppressive Tampons, and More! Follow David @DavidRossSpiel @HollywoodLibPod, Ben @Bentonon, and Kyle O @ProudBoyMag!

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David Ross Spielman is a writer, host of the "Hollywood Liberal" podcast, social commentator, and curator of all things badass. A Warner Bros. Television Writers’ Workshop finalist and a recipient the R. Breen Graduate Scholarship at The Loyola Marymount University’s Writing & Producing for Television & Film program. David cut his teeth at The Weinstein Company in New York City and at The Mark Gordon Company in Los Angeles. In addition to his extensive portfolio of articles, screenplays, and teleplays, David has written for Reel Movie Critic, been a spokesperson for Sharpie’s “Write Your Own Movie Review Contest,” and curated music libraries for GoGurt, Schick, Mead, and Quaker. As a cultural libertarian and a classical liberal, David promotes freedom of speech, freedom of thought, and individual autonomy. He believes that pushing the culture forward in Western society begins with getting past antiquated, humorless, and regressive concepts such as political correctness, identity politics, outrage culture, and the grievance industry. Hit David up at [email protected] with all of your questions and stories involving your own experiences with Hollywood Liberal snowflakes. Follow David on Twitter @DavidRossSpiel for all of his latest politically incorrect ramblings and on Instagram @DavidRossSpielman for all of his badass film, television, podcast, book, and music picks.


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