A Mom Debunks Everyday Feminism’s Everyday Bullshit

    I have had enough. I can no longer hold my tongue. I’ve seen enough bullshit coming from everydayfeminism.com to start my compost for next year’s backyard garden.  I...



I have had enough. I can no longer hold my tongue. I’ve seen enough bullshit coming from everydayfeminism.com to start my compost for next year’s backyard garden.  I recently moved into my first home as an owner, with my computer downstairs. My computer is away…distant…and a burden to venture to since sitting at a computer isn’t my ideal of raising kids as a stay-at-home mom.

But they’ve finally pushed me.

My part-time job will now be cleaning up their shit as well. Thank you femtards.

While I’ve tried to read many articles from this website, I’ve made it through very few. I do believe that it is important that I read what other women are setting their standards to, so at least I can be prepared to defend myself. That’s the honest truth, but most of the time, the bullshit is so thick I barely make it through the first few paragraphs. Now that you’re here, with me at the wheel pissed off and swearing, let’s start with what drove me to this keyboard.


Everyday bullshit.

“50 Ways People Expect Constant Emotional Labor from Women and Femmes” is an article written from a feminist position, and the title alone implies these five things:

– Straight males are not expected to be emotional and sensitive. (If you’re a boss or are married you probably know the truth, that women often demand this).


 – Femmes (which I’m pretty sure is a fucking made up word but I’m going to guess, individuals of any gender that have feminine personalities) are often looked to for emotional support as much as women.


 – Women are sought out for emotional support constantly or at least more than men.


 – Women/Femmes are emotional.


 – This is a constant, heavy burden women/femmes shouldn’t have to put up with all the time. (because being nice and helpful is such a shitty way to live… right???)


You’ll learn early on, it’s not that they don’t want to do these 50 things, but they want compensation and/or acknowledgment for doing them.

Here is your sticker you fucking toddler.



Okay, okay I’ll back down on the swearing and sarcasm some but I’m feeling a little triggered and the kids are tucked in. But you can’t read this article and actually feel good as a person if you agree with any of the 50 things they listed.

Screw going through all of them I need to get up at 6:45 am and do mom stuff – I’m going to show you some of my favourites and debunk this crap.

  • We are asked to watch, entertain, or help take care of younger siblings, cousins, and other children more than men because people automatically assume we must love kids and be naturally nurturing.

Seriously? I doubt this point applies to gay men.  But women have the magical vagina, the life nurturing womb. I feel this is only a natural instinct if you don’t like kids you’re probably not going to be asked to watch a 2-month old baby because everyone can see the “BITCH” stamped on your forehead. And if you are asked, why can’t you say that you’re not comfortable with it? That’s what my sister and husband do with other people’s kids.

  • Friends offload their problems – sometimes serious problems that we’re not equipped to handle – onto us before we have agreed to talk about them, often expecting an immediate response.

Is it really that hard to be someone’s friend? And by the way readers, this one sets the tone for the majority of things these women are complaining about in the article. They really want compensation for being a friend – which isn’t being someone’s friend.

  • If we don’t take immediately to parenthood, want to put our kids above all else, want to be the primary caretaker, or want kids in the first place, we are made to feel like something’s wrong with us.

Well, ladies, that’s because there is something wrong with you. Unless you’re one of the few women Gavin McInnes mentions that should NOT have kids, you are better off making babies and shaping lives. And if you’re a femme with a penis, you can change your mind any time so keep enjoying life until you realize you’re going to die with no lineage and when your story ends, that’s just what it does. End.

  • We’re expected to take part in “heart to hearts,” “girls’ nights,” and other emotionally intensive occasions that we may or may not have the energy for or interest in.

Honestly, I don’t relate to this at all as a woman. I think this complaint is a complete lie, and perhaps really, the author is lashing out about something she knows nothing about. Who would invite this girl over for “girls’ night out” when she expects to be compensated for emotional conversation?

  • When we’re hosting people from out of town, we’re expected to not just give them a couch to crash on, but also keep the fridge and pantry stocked to their liking, show them around like tour guides, provide them with comfortable living spaces, and constantly be available to them.

You suck as a human being if you think being there for family and friends can be such a nuisance. And really if you were married, with kids, you’d only be asked to make a sandwich in the morning for them to take with before getting on the airplane and possibly pulling the extra blankets out of the hallway linen closet you shit-chest!

  • Those of us with uteruses are expected to make regular doctors’ appointments, do research on birth control methods, and potentially undergo physical pain or remember a pill every day in order to ensure that an unwanted pregnancy doesn’t occur.

Who’s supposed to compensate you for taking care of yourself? WHAT? These are choices – you make no one is forcing you to take a pill. You should feel blessed to have that vagina and it’s for your own health to get it checked now and then.

  • During sex, we feel pressure to make artificial faces and noises and fake orgasms in order to turn our partners on and make them feel good about their sexual prowess.

Alright, I’m going to be real with this one. This is a mate choice, if you are fucking a beta-male, things aren’t that interesting during sex. It’s easy to think about the laundry and other shit you need to do before Wednesday as he’s humping away.

If this is your problem dear feminist, either get a newer, stronger, better mate or get on top and do the damn job yourself.  Faking is lying, don’t lie or no one will know the truth. And if you’re not comfortable with eye-contact and feel awkward so much that you need to make an “O” face, there are positions that can remedy this.

Moving on!

  • When men try to advocate for us, even if they fail miserably and even if they hurt us in the process by promoting benevolent sexism, we’re expected to pat them on the back for their efforts and be grateful our problems are getting any attention at all.

Now they’re just making shit up. I have no words for this. I feel for the men that defend feminists – they’re just trying to find a cozy pussy to settle with and doing whatever it takes and no matter what your stance is on feminism, as a man, you will fail to please them 100% of the time. So no, feminist, you aren’t expected to pat them on the back, you are expected to put out just as if I order steak and lobster on a date.

It’s just common courtesy!

So Proud Boys and Gent’s alike, remember to compensate the women and femmes in your life that offer emotional support.

They are the superior sex after all.

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