Kurt Metzger Eaten Alive by Gaggle of Geese

Comedian Kurt Metzger was in hot water last week.   This after lampooning women for hurling public rape allegations without notifying authorities.   The controversy began on Kurt’s facebook when he...

Comedian Kurt Metzger was in hot water last week.


This after lampooning women for hurling public rape allegations without notifying authorities.   The controversy began on Kurt’s facebook when he came to the defense of a comic he identifies as Jiff Dilfyberg, who was being publicly accused of rape by women who never reported the alleged crimes to police.  The women also have no details on the assault (like time or place) but would like us to simply take their word for it.


Metzger received a lifetime’s worth of social justice backlash and was labeled a “rape apologist”.  “Apologist” seems to be the new street slang for “demanding reasonable evidence for serious allegations that could ruin a person’s life”.    NBC News, the Daily Beast, the Mary Sue and others outlets crucified Metzger for supporting “rape culture” by not standing up for every woman who accuses someone of rape.


Metzger has worked as a writer for Inside Amy Schumer.


The show’s star, self-proclaimed feminist and J-Law’s buddy, Amy Schumer responded to Metzger’s comments on twitter:


Here we have a funny guy who writes on a feminist comedy show and helps make Amy Schumer a mega star and feminist folk hero in the process.  In a sarcastic and humorous way, he makes a good point about dirty bombing people with baseless rape allegations being a bad thing.    Then his famous, feminist boss turns and denies him worse than Peter denied Christ.   Is there a more clear-cut example of disloyalty?


Perhaps Amy Schumer has gotten a little too fat (not body shaming) and comfortable in her feminist “icon” status, but she had the chance to really make a difference.   All she had to do is point out two simple things: what Kurt said was funny, and what Kurt said was true.


He used logic to point out the absurdity of blindly believing every last rape allegation, and used humor to be relatable.   Sounds like a pretty good comic to me.   Amy had a real chance to show some character and make a great point that had nothing to do with identity politics.   She could have used her feminist clout to tell women “having a victim status isn’t cool”.  She could have told men “your lives shouldn’t be ruined over an allegation”.  Amy could have even disagreed, but pointed out Kurt had a sound argument.   She could have even said nothing, but she must have been thinking how it all might affect her own career.

Rape hysteria is a modern phenomenon with 1 in 4 college girls are sexually assaulted being widely reported.


Turns out that stat is completely false.    The Duke Lacrosse rape allegations, “Mattress Girl ” celebrity victim , and many other sexual assault stories have been proven false only after being in the media spotlight.


Asking a person with a serious allegation to treat them seriously isn’t asking too much.  My rule is: If someone reports a crime on twitter before calling the police, they are probably full of shit.  This is an issue that dilutes the cases of actual rape victims.   The more women make unfounded claims, the harder it is on a real victim who needs to be believed.   You would think feminists would be publicly furious  with trumped-up rape claims, or even furious at women using their “shaky” rape claim for attention… but for that to be true, you’d need to apply logic and reason to modern feminism.


Kurt has since come forward and said he encouraged Amy to write those tweets so she could distance herself from the recoil of screaming, shrill voices.  It makes you wonder “…or is someone telling Kurt to tell us that…”.  All we know is what was said, what wasn’t, and perhaps what might have been if a friend of Kurt Metzger chose to fight by his side rather than publicly dogpile on someone who we all know is right.



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  • One-Eye

    I like Kurt. He’s a smart, funny guy but even as his life is constantly torn apart from Lefty terrorists he still goes on his own podcast (‘Race Wars’) and blasts “These fucking right-wingers!” who do nothing more than occasionally call him a cuck.

    Every episode he seems to trash Milo, despite never having interviewed or met him, and railing against the alt-right. All the while the only threats to his livelihood are the feminazi psychopaths on the internet. Hell, he even has one co-hosting his show; a woman who was formerly one of the Cunts-In-Chef at Jezebel.

    More than once he has said the phrase “I used to think SJWs were bad, but these fucking alt-right guys…”

    Yeah, are they the ones organising extensive campaigns to try and have to him fired from writing jobs and have gigs cancelled?

    Same with Schumer. When she said that thing about her comedy persona being a “racist Republican” I thought: “Well, you know who the first people to defend you when the Leftist lynch mob comes after you would have been? Some of those exact “racist Republicans”, that’s who!”

    They won’t be there next time, that’s for sure.

  • Satan is my co-pilot

    You can’t use logic on women. All it does is piss them off.



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