Meryl Streep Made a Right Old Fool of Herself

In recent news the very talented (but overrated) Meryl Streep used her acceptance speech at the Golden Globes to go after President-Elect Donald Trump. In her stab at President-Elect...

In recent news the very talented (but overrated) Meryl Streep used her acceptance speech at the Golden Globes to go after President-Elect Donald Trump. In her stab at President-Elect Trump she showed us that she is yet another delusional out-of-touch liberal celebrity who is highly uninformed about what is actually going on in America.

Many celebrities keep feeling the need to share their political views with us every chance they get, which of course are based entirely on emotions and void of any sign of education or intelligence.

But enough about Hollywood ramming their political opinions down our throats, let’s get into Meryl’s speech.

She opens by saying she lost her mind sometime earlier this year, which she exhibits throughout the rest of her speech. She talks about how Hollywood (and the left) are “the most vilified segments in American society.”

Funny because most of the “attacks” against the left have been proven to be hoaxes, while attacks against the right have managed to avoid receiving media coverage – and when they do receive coverage it usually leads to Trump being blamed for these attacks.

She then tells us where all of the actors and actresses are from, using a stereotypical Irish accent when referring to Ruth Negga. She talks about all the “outsiders and foreigners” and how we would “have nothing to watch but football and Mixed Martial Arts, which are not the arts” if we got rid of them all.

I beg your pardon. Did Streep really just attack football and the MMA for not being diverse enough?

The UFC has 10 current champions; only two of these are white Americans, the other eight are of different races, genders, and ethnicities. The MMA is by far more diverse than the Golden Globes, who only 10 of 30 nominees were a minority. Not to mention, Trump has never said that he wanted to deport every immigrant.

As if this attack wasn’t enough, she goes after President-Elect Trump by accusing him of mocking a disabled reporter. This is certifiably false and anybody who truly cares and has bothered to Google it knows that.

The reporter does not suffer from any sort of mental or muscular disabilities. The guy has a deformed hand. He doesn’t display any of the behaviors Trump showed when mimicking him. Whenever Trump mimics anybody he flails his hands and arms  as a sign of that person being perturbed. Yawn.

Streep goes through the same old song and dance and sheds her crocodile tears for this disabled reporter. If Streep really cared about handicapped people, don’t you think she might have mentioned the poor mentally-handicapped white Trump supporter that was kidnapped and tortured by the four racist black teenagers?

And where was she when Obama mocked the special Olympics?

Following Streep’s rant, as expected, Donald Trump took to Twitter to defend himself.

Trump says that Meryl Streep is upset that her candidate lost and decided to attack him when she doesn’t even know him. He states that, as we all know, he never mocked the reporter for being disabled and that he never would.

The President of the UFC, Dana White, also responded to Streep’s speech in an interview with TMZ. White says that he doesn’t expect an “uppity old lady” to like mixed martial arts, and that the MMA is an art, and in fact the most diverse sport there is.

Meryl should stick to reading lines for movies. Politics, logic or the real world clearly aren’t her bag.

  • One-Eye

    Pro sports is arguably the last true meritocracy.

    It’s one thing regressive politics haven’t fucked up yet. Stay the fuck away from it.

  • Jeanne DeSilver

    Meryl Streep looks like she has cheek implants. You can fight age, but age will win.



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