Dear DNC,   I want to personally congratulate you on concocting what is, hands-down, without a shadow of a doubt, the single dumbest video I have ever witnessed...
fuck you


Dear DNC,


I want to personally congratulate you on concocting what is, hands-down, without a shadow of a doubt, the single dumbest video I have ever witnessed in my thirty years on this planet. Along with your figurehead, Hillary Clinton, you have quite literally given the very concept of stupidity a run for its money.


Thank you.


Thank for doubling (and then tripling, quadrupling, etc…) down in your harping on language for the last several years (this really helped me get woke to just how completely full of shit you are and always have been) and calling everything outside of a goddamn chipmunk farting “offensive” in an effort to divert the world’s attention from how you’ve attempted to destroy liberty and the values that this great nation were built on.


Your cultural Marxist obsession with speech codes, virtue signaling, identity politics, and koombiyah politically correct fugazi “social justice” rhino shit hypocrisy is going to finally catch up with your Mao-esque attempt to thought police the very people you pretend to care about.


Your continued circle jerk communist pussification of The Democratic Media Complex will become fodder for future history books, an embarrassing skidmark on the diaper of your explosive diarrhea of a legacy. Not even in his wildest dreams would Andrew Breitbart have ever imagined that you would cannibalize yourself like this. In fact, even your most ardent supporters have had enough of your masturbatory, smug, condescending, and patronizing smoke and mirrors echo chamber of infinite poppyhorsecock.


I would call your current campaign the epitome of rock bottom bullshit, but quite frankly that would be unfair and cruel to rocks, bottoms, and bullshits everywhere (and the debates are still a month away).


At no point in your incoherent rambling were you even close to anything that could be considered a rational thought. Everyone who has seen this video is now dumber for having seen it. I award you absolutely nothing and may God have mercy on your soul.


Fuck you,


David Ross Spielman


Host/Writer of “Hollywood Liberal” for ProudBoy Magazine

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David Ross Spielman is a writer, host of the "Hollywood Liberal" podcast, social commentator, and curator of all things badass. A Warner Bros. Television Writers’ Workshop finalist and a recipient the R. Breen Graduate Scholarship at The Loyola Marymount University’s Writing & Producing for Television & Film program. David cut his teeth at The Weinstein Company in New York City and at The Mark Gordon Company in Los Angeles. In addition to his extensive portfolio of articles, screenplays, and teleplays, David has written for Reel Movie Critic, been a spokesperson for Sharpie’s “Write Your Own Movie Review Contest,” and curated music libraries for GoGurt, Schick, Mead, and Quaker. As a cultural libertarian and a classical liberal, David promotes freedom of speech, freedom of thought, and individual autonomy. He believes that pushing the culture forward in Western society begins with getting past antiquated, humorless, and regressive concepts such as political correctness, identity politics, outrage culture, and the grievance industry. Hit David up at [email protected] with all of your questions and stories involving your own experiences with Hollywood Liberal snowflakes. Follow David on Twitter @DavidRossSpiel for all of his latest politically incorrect ramblings and on Instagram @DavidRossSpielman for all of his badass film, television, podcast, book, and music picks.
  • Alan John F. Shakur

    The whole video was a huge awesome ad for Breitbart. loved it!

  • One-Eye

    This is 100% driven by the massive success of the Breitbart-produced documentary CLINTON CASH.

    I watched it on the weekend and it’s an hour-long ‘greatest hits’ collection of the Clinton’s most shameless corrupt acts. I’ve no doubt it could have gone on for another couple of hours.

  • dan

    So proud boy is a gateway site for jews into the alt right…………..Jared Taylor would be proud. Ok, now how about some historical perspective, or even current views on how the jews are leading the left, always have been, always will. How about how the goyim grovel to adelson, sabin or rothshitbagchild for shekels. Oh no can’t have that, just send more money to jewsville. Ah controlled opposition, no one does it better than the filthy jews. White genocide hoooooooo.



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