Proud Boys, Proclaim Your Culturist Christian Identity!

Christianity is the best religion! F the rest!! And, I address this even to you Western atheists. Whether you know it or not, Christianity is your religion! It is...

Christianity is the best religion! F the rest!! And, I address this even to you Western atheists. Whether you know it or not, Christianity is your religion! It is the Western religion. And, it rocks!

Jesus was a good guy. He cared about average shits like us. His democratic impulse was a large reason his religion spread. Unlike that Muhammad fuck, he didn’t just care about you if you toed his fascistic dogmatic line, he took folks as they were.

Jesus’ respect for the individual led to democracy. In fact, it is still largely only Christian-based nations that strive towards democracy. China and Iran reject it. That is one reason why if you think democracy is a good thing, if you care about the individual, you’re a default Christian.

Christianity led to science, atheists.

Famously the Protestant reformation rebelled against the Catholics so folks could read the Bible themselves. This did two things: 1) It made literacy important and 2) This mean individuals sought the truth alone, not from authority. China, Islam nor India birthed science. Protestant Christianity’s focus on literate individuals looking for truth birthed science.


The Protest Reformation fractured Catholic Europe, replacing Catholicism with a new branch of Christianity in the 16th Century.

Christianity creates progressive societies.

Christianity’s view of history going forward to end times, is different from Confucianism’s conservation of form, Hinduism’s cyclical millions-of-worlds idea, or Islam’s nihilism. Christianity creates progressive, uncorrupt societies.

If we are now stagnating as Asia revs towards the future, it isn’t Christianity’s fault. Multiculturalism asks us to romanticize the old world and the past. It is anti-progress. And, then it creates chaos. To be futurist we must unite around progressive Christianity wherein we fight for our individual and collective redemption.

The only problem with Christianity is that it is too nice.

Jesus hated blood soaked killers like Muhammad, but he wouldn’t behead them. We need to defend Christianity in a way Christ might not have. Remember if Christian nations fall, Islam and China will imprison us. Christian pride and solidarity create culturist strength, which then supports progressive, scientific democracies.

Proclaim a Christian identity!

As Christianity it is a major component of the West’s history, Christian pride must be an essential part of its long-term culturist salvation.


John K. Press, Ph.D., teaches at a university in South Korea. He is the author of the book, Culturism: A Word, A Value, Our Future. More information can be found at He tweets at @culturist
  • Rik Storey

    Whilst I agree that the Reformation increased the role of the state in society (e.g. state currencies, state languages, state schools etc. etc.) the Catholic church introduced statism proper to Northern Europe through the corporate view of Christendom and the corporate state essential to Roman Law. No longer did you have rights as a free man, a paterfamilias, you had to be a citizen to the state. This destruction of the patriarch and the introduction of the universal brotherhood of man under one Father God has been destructive to Europe and we are still suffering the pathologically altruistic consequences of it; men are impotent to protect their own because their own is every person on the planet.
    I could go on.

    • please do.

      • Rik Storey

        I’ve written an article on it, hopefully to be published soon. Keep your eyes peeled.

      • Culturist John

        Yes! Please do!

  • The Elderking

    Watch this men. This trumps all our secular brainwashing.

    • Culturist John

      I LOVE S. MOLYNEUX and am listening to this. But, I must spit this out right now! Univeralism is NOT the basis of all philosophy, it is the end of it. I hate globalism. We are the West. The rest is NOT. And, he may qualify it later. But, that assertion makes me sick. OK. Back to the video.

      • LyovMyshkin

        The question from your post that must be answered: Is Western Chauvinism – let’s be real here, Western Supremacy AND White Supremacy – reconcilable with Universalism?

  • The Elderking

    Guys, reclaim your popular musical Heritage. None of this pants around the arse, gangsta crap!

    Spandau Ballet, Black, Japan etc. This was when white men weren’t afraid of being white. When they didn’t try to lower themselves to gangstas.

    • Culturist John

      Really Spandau Ballet as our macho role models? We are in trouble! A better Christian – tough meld is found in the doctrine of ‘Muscular Christianity.’ This was the doctrine of the father of the first person to be called a ‘culturist’ Matthew Arnold (1822 – 1888). His father, Thomas Arnold, considered self-mastery for world administration an ideal. Giving in to our evil ways was considered evil. He didn’t call it muscular Christianity. But, later authors writing about his Rugby School gave it that catchy name.

  • Shapiro

    Good article, but some flaws in it.

    1) The Catholic Church is to thank for the scientific method. Before the Church, science was just a trade. It was Roger Bacon, a Franciscan monk, who instituted it.

    2) Christianity is merciful, but it’s not nice. Nowhere in the Bible is it ever taught to be nice. It teaches to be good, but not nice. Archbishop Sheen, in a homily he televised, explained that it was the “nice people” who crucified Christ. They couldn’t stand how offensive Jesus was, and so they have him executed. Barabbas, the revolutionary, was the one they wanted released…it was basically the SJW’s of that time who had Christ killed.

    3) While it’s not any sort of dogma, the Catholic Church has never been against the death penalty, war, or self-defense in any way. It was the clergy who often operated in favor of the death penalty, provided it was justified, and often tried to work in having the criminals come to the sacraments so that they had a shot at going to heaven. The just war principle was a Catholic concept. The Church favors self-defense for the sake of self-love and love of family.

    • Culturist John

      Shapiro, Do you have a link to the Archbishop Sheen talk? I would love to read it.

      Recently, I have been reading about ‘Just War,’ much of which is Catholic. It is terribly defensive and state-oriented. It does not seem appropo for what we face today on two fronts: 1) it only allows for violence ‘war’ emanating from the State (and our state is sooooo multicultural). and 2) It only deals with a hostile foreign state. It says nothing about the 5th column within.

      PS Did you see the new Ben – Hur? A principle theme in it is non-violence and having zero retribution. It features Jesus’ rebuke of Peter when he tries to prevent Jesus’ arrest. We can isolate quotes. But, Jesus was largely, suicidally, pacifistic. I love him, but it leaves his followers with a quandary.

  • LyovMyshkin

    Ugh, going to rename this site ‘NRO with curse words’.

    As a proud Catholic I’m not disagreeing with some of the points – though, if we’re talking about idiotic particularist faiths that retard all human progress then isn’t their another Middle Eastern faith that deserves mentioning?? – but the claim that letting very single village idiot with his Sola Scriptura confidence led to ‘science’ has to be one of the most idiotic stupidities ever uttered. It actually mostly led to Mormonism and Schofieldism so fuck you. 🙂

    “Christianity creates progressive societies.”

    Yeah, like with Bolshevism being its ‘bastard child’ this happens to be one of its worst features. What kind of moron are you? You decry the central pillars of ‘progressive societies’ – namely gender and racial equality along with militant secularism – then claim Christianity is good because it produces a society where these things are possible? Dude???????

    Jesus hated blood soaked killers like Muhammad

    🙂 Was he a Zionist, out of interest???



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