ProudBoy Meets Cassandra Fairbanks

I first learned about Cassandra Fairbanks via Mike Cernovich’s periscope during the Democratic National Convention. Mike’s live coverage showcased the protests outside the convention not covered by the mainstream...

I first learned about Cassandra Fairbanks via Mike Cernovich’s periscope during the Democratic National Convention. Mike’s live coverage showcased the protests outside the convention not covered by the mainstream media.

During the DNC, Mike buddied up with former liberal writer Cassandra Fairbanks.
After watching the Periscopes, I contacted Cassandra and asked if I could interview her for ProudBoy Magazine.

I soon realized that she is A) sexy, B) a former Bernie Sanders supporter converted to the Trump Train and C)a former writer for liberal outlets like Bipartisan Report, Occupy Democrats, and other click bait sites.

Cassandra left that line of work after she realized those sites were incredibly dishonest and she was being paid to lie about Trump.

Here’s what she had to say:

Hi Cassandra my name is Alan Ericson founder and editor of I was watching Mike’s Periscope last night and you definitely have an interesting story to tell. What was your experience like at the DNC versus the RNC?

The RNC was a well-oiled machine. You could tell that it was designed to be accommodating to the press and plans were clearly made to handle protests peacefully. There didn’t end up being nearly as many protesters at the RNC as the DNC — but I’m confident that if there had been it would have been handled much more effectively.

As far as the DNC, it was designed to make it hell for press who wished to cover the protests that were just on the other side of the entrance. The entire area was gated so far that you had to walk over a mile from the media tent to get around to where the protests were — despite there being several points where they could have let press pass through safely if they chose to.

I spoke to several officers who all told me that the design came from the DNC — not the police. I also asked an officer if it was specifically set up to make it difficult for media to get through to the protests and he responded; “what do you think?” before winking at me.

It was horrible. The complete opposite of how I would have expected the two conventions to be handled.

Balloons fall as Trump is announced as the Republican presidential nomination.

Balloons fall as Trump is announced as the Republican presidential nomination.

You are a former Sanders supporter. Can you explain how you joined the Trump Train?

I’m firmly against Hillary Clinton. I cannot fathom how anyone could vote for her in good conscience — even before the DNC leaks. She’s a monster who will do anything for money and power.

People constantly speculate that Donald Trump would lead us into war, but his words, even before his candidacy, say otherwise. Clinton already has blood on her hands.

I think that a non-interventionist is always a better choice than a war hawk who has already taken money from foreign governments. Her ties to Saudi Arabia are alarming to say the least.

There are many other reasons I support Trump of course, that was just the main reason I began to look at him more seriously.

I agree with his stances on the TPP, common core, focusing on rebuilding at home instead of nation building, campaign finance reform, and many other things. It’s also absolutely amazing that he managed to get breaking up big banks and reinstating glass steagal into the GOP platform. He is revamping the Republican Party while the democrats offer us more of the same.

You used to work for liberal news sites Can you tell us about your experience and what sites you used to work for?

I have written for many liberal sites — US Uncut, Addicting Info, Bipartisan Report, just to name a few.

I would watch Trump speeches to pick out anything that could possibly be conceived as offensive and throw a click-bait headline on it to rile people up. Eventually I started actually hearing what he was saying, and feeling tremendously guilty over the smear campaign I was actively participating in. I quit all of those sites months ago.

How would you rate the honesty of “Liberal” clickbait media?

It’s disgusting. It wasn’t about honesty, it was about salacious headlines and winning.

Is “Occupy Democrats” the most disgraceful news source on the Internet?

U.S. uncut is worse. I always referred to occupy democrats as the liberal mafia though since they own or co-own most of the other sites as well. They’re all connected.

What are your future plans?

I currently work at Sputnik News and have no intentions of leaving. I have been considering creating my own site on the side though, possibly just fact checking all the click bait stories on websites such as my old employers and disputing them. I’ve also been offered freelance positions at several more reputable outlets — so we shall see!

I will definitely be voting Trump in November though and hope I can help do my part in unraveling some of the false narratives being used against him.

What was your experience like covering the event with Mike Cernovich?

We weren’t really covering it together, I was there for work, but we hung out a bunch since we were both covering the protests. He’s awesome — really fun and smart guy.

What was the mood from the Bernie Supporters you spoke with? Are others pivoting to Trump as well?

Most anti-Clinton Berners appear to be pivoting to Jill Stein, but more of us than people think are switching over to Trump. I even met a couple delegates who are planning to vote for him.


Alan Ericson is the Author of Barter 7: The Conspiracy to Assassinate Lil Wayne, creator of and writer for Proud Boy Magazine. Alan is dedicated to health, nutrition, and renaissance.
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