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      How glorious is it to see ‘liberals’ pissed off about black Trump supporters? Leading the charge is a man that goes by the name of Uncle...




How glorious is it to see ‘liberals’ pissed off about black Trump supporters? Leading the charge is a man that goes by the name of Uncle Hotep, as featured in ‘Let’s Get these Five Guys and Gals on TGMS’.


Uncle Hotep recently purchased the camouflage Make America Great Again hat because gentleman, we’re at war. We’re in a war to save the West and to save our country. The ‘liberals’ have dark plans for us all.


The Hotep movement consists of blacks who are truly woke – aware of the democratic scheme to enslave the populous via government handouts. You will never find a Hotep at a ‘Black Lives Matter’ rally. The Hotep shun the left in favor of self-reliance and community. Not too different from the Proud Boys.


I spoke to Uncle Hotep recently about black Trump supporters and more.






Can you tell us a little bit about Hotep and why you guys stand opposed to ‘Black Lives Matter’?


Hotep means different things to who you talk to. To me it means taking accountability for your life and your actions. Not to blame anyone for your misgivings. If you see obstacles in life you find a way thru it and don’t sit there and cry about it.


Of course part of it is being Woke to the system at large. Of course all of this runs opposite to Black Lives Matter. They use the buzzwords like ‘oppression’ ‘systematic racism’ and other things to form a defeatist attitude and approach on life. Instead of focusing on self and changing what they have control over they have become a tool for the powers that be…Or they could have just been that tool all along


As Proud Boys we believe in glorifying the entrepreneur, venerating the housewife, strong borders and limited government. Do you see similarities between Hotep and Proud Boys? A potential alliance?


lol we would have to see…We have to do what’s best for Hotep 1st and foremost but those goals don’t sound bad at all.


In your estimation, what percentage of Hotep are Trump supporters?


Cant say for sure. I do know a few and it does seem to be some intersectionality (I can’t believe I used that word. Second time today) between Hotep and Trump support. We’re not a monolith so all could have different ideas on the presidential race. I think a lot of us don’t pay to much attention to the political system here. Politicians are really bought.


For a better answer I would say Hoteps are either rocking with Trump or sitting it out. I haven’t come across a Hillary Hotep supporter yet. Me personally? I am Team #MAGA


How do you think a Donald Trump Presidency would help the black community? 


Illegal immigration hurts Black America 1st in my opinion. From being undercut on jobs, having drug cartels pump drugs into the community for example Chicago. If he can make America great again he will sort Black America out by default.


How ridiculous is Sick Hillary’s pandering? 


Her Pander levels is on tilt but I think she has toned it down a notch…for health reasons…


What will it take for a larger percentage of blacks to vote Trump?


Black America has to get off the Democratic plantation 1st and foremost. I actually think him actually sending a direct message to Black voters recently will make a bit of a dent. No one is impressed with Hillary. He just has to make a stronger push.


Can you tell us about your YouTube channel and podcast?


I started doing videos about a year ago….I usually cover US political scene a bit of global politics and of course the Twitter Timeline gossip. It’s a lot of fun. I was really inspired by YouTubers David Carroll, ThatGuyT, Ryan Dawson and others. It’s something I really enjoy I do it just to get my views out into the world and to spark a dialog. I envision 500 years from now people wondering what happened in the 2010’s and people using my videos as a time capsule.



As for my podcast…I started one about a year ago but I didn’t like it at all…I was approaching it wrong. I was approaching from a Black Twitter standpoint and which podcasts are popular on Black Twitter. So I stopped and I decided to give it another try and forget about pop culture and concentrated on politics, Hotep and other issues. Once I did that I found my groove. It feels good for people to listen and give me positive feedback. I never thought anyone would care to listen initially but now I am at EP 25 and people are telling me I am one of their favorite podcasters. It feels good.


Hear the Uncle Hotep podcast here.


Would you be interested in coming on The Gavin McInnes Show on Compound Media?


Of course, Gavin is a funny guy.


Twitter: @HandyMayhem


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  • One-Eye

    If nothing else Trump has finally had blacks questioning their blind allegiance to the party of racism.

    • Alan John F. Shakur

      so true, I think he’ll win the black vote

  • OldChiGuy

    Uncle Hotep is awesome. And I think it’s cute that there’s a baby seat in the back of his car. Now THAT’s a real man!



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