SHAME: Sting Sings Arabic “Inshallah” at Bataclan on Massacre Anniversary

Sting insults 89 lives & grieving families by singing 'Allah willing' at Bataclan re-opening performance.
The ugly reality of Islam: Bataclan's November 2015 massacre.

The ugly reality of Islam.

89 people were killed in the Bataclan, a famous Paris venue, by Muslim terrorists back in November 2015 – and singer Sting just insulted the memory of those killed, and their grieving families, by singing ‘Inshallah’ during an anniversary re-opening event.

His song, “Inshallah”, references the Arabic phrase that means ‘Allah/God willing’.




The song’s lyrics read:

“Inshallah, Inshallah,
If it be your will, it shall come to pass.
Inshallah, Inshallah,
If it be your will…”

If that wasn’t bad enough, the venue has also just banned Eagles of Death Metal – the band that was performing during the attack – because they dared to insult Jihad and promote gun rights. Rights that would have saved the lives of the innocent people massacred by Jihadi savages that fateful November night.

Jack BuckbyNews

Jack Buckby is a former student of politics, a writer and the Press Officer for British conservative political party Liberty GB. He stood for election with Paul Weston in the European Elections in 2014, and regularly cooperates with American media to warn against the adopting of failed European social and economic policies. Jack was removed from university for refusing to abide by politically correct school rules, and for calling out lecturer Dr Leon Moosavi for attempting to justify the murder of soldier Lee Rigby. In an article on the University of Liverpool website, Dr Moosavi claimed that the attack was legitimate ‘dissent’ against UK foreign policy. As a paleoconservative and a culturist, Jack promotes individual liberty and national autonomy, and believes that the United States is in a position to use its size and power to begin the restoration of Western civilisation.
  • One-Eye

    And here’s me hoping he would premiere a new song called ‘Die, Muzzie Scum!’

  • Amy LaGro

    The Lord said, “What have you done? The voice of your brother’s blood cries to me from the ground. Genesis

  • chewtoy2016

    When are the French going to learn? This tells me that they aren’t ready to come out of their stupor. They’re basically living in a perverted version of 1984. The enemy is within but they can’t say anything about it since the state still requires restraint from its citizens. The government is also still lying to them and demanding obedience. That is pretty fucked.

  • America Veritas

    What in the cunting fuck was he thinking?

  • Change his name to Stink

  • drew man

    Proud new proudboy here! Fck sting fck Islam!



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