Trump Won, But We Still Have a Job To Do

You should be proud of what you did for our Nation. Be very proud.

The Inauguration for our next President, Donald J. Trump, is quickly approaching, which means all of you who went out and voted for him will soon be celebrating the defeat of the evil empire. You have done a great service to this nation for all of your sacrifices. You have saved it from going over the proverbial cliff of continued government incompetence, under-reported scandals that are then swept under the rug from a subversive liberal media, and from the machinations of a Globalist mindset that erodes the very identity of our sovereign nations. You should be proud of what you did for our Nation and for the World. Be very proud.

But your job is not over.

There is still plenty to do from now and throughout Trump’s Presidency. The war you have decided to enlist in and fight for is still not over. There are still plenty more cerebral battles with the liberal, progressive (or should I say, regressive) left that cannot go without rightful contention.

Those who refuse to sit still for one moment without finding even more ways to keep Trump away from arriving at 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue on time will be ready to duke it out with you at a moment’s notice. Now is not the time to get lazy and assume that someone else is going to go mano y mano with the purple colored, bowl hair cut freaks of the political left.

They will still be out there and looking for an easy win when you don’t show up to defeat their strawman arguments.

You already know what to do.

You lost most of your “friends” on Facebook to get Donny in the White House, and now avoiding any future entanglements with your whiny loser friends from high school is the same thing as capitulation.

Yes, there will be things that we’re going to love about a Trump Presidency, things that we won’t necessarily embrace and there might even be things that will be outright wrong. I’ll certainly stand up for a President that we all can be vocal about (no matter what it is) in lieu of the Obama 2.0 President that would have used the same Identity Politics to keep us from using our right to holistically disagree with our government. That’s essentially what was on the line in November when you voted for Trump.

Let’s be honest with each other.

You have already been “outed” as a Trump-ster and most of your friends and family know it. I would imagine that even your co-workers have an idea of who you voted for. So here is some advice for you: Don’t spike the football in front of everybody, and keep your gloating to a minimum. 

Take the winning with some grace. That’s what the left could never figure out how to do.

Going forward and looking ahead to better times.

In 2017, we need to be encouraging political discourse and keeping it civil with those that aren’t used to speaking up and saying things that might be contrary to public opinion.  Allow people to hear both sides and talk about it until you’ve all reached a steady and rational conclusion. Or maybe just fight it out in the parking lot until you know who’s more right than the other.

Also, keep writing for ProudBoy Magazine and send out a link to your remaining friends when new articles hit the site. If you haven’t written an article yet, submit one and let’s hear from you. If there’s a local chapter of ProudBoys near you, set up a meeting at a bar of your choosing and talk over how to grow the movement. Bring like minded friends at first and then work towards those “fence sitters” that probably need some encouragement and beer. Lots of beer. Also shots of whiskey helps too. Maybe even Patron when it starts getting late at night. Whatever works.


Born in Indiana but was raised in Connecticut and Virginia. Joined the United States Marine Corps in 2001 and spent 8 years visiting exotic places, meeting strange people and always having a plan to kill everyone he met along the way. Has five tours of combat under his belt, both in Iraq and Afghanistan. Now has a much calmer lifestyle with his wife. He is the author of "The Counterinsurgency Manual To Marriage: Learn How to Be a Tactical Husband". Enjoys powerlifting, drinking whiskey, shooting guns in the (still) free state of Virginia and making liberals lose their minds. You can reach him at @mattycakes0231 on Twitter and Gab.
  • Jeanne DeSilver

    I wonder how many “local Chapters” of ProudBoy there are?! Oh, that video of Trump is awful. 10 min. I made it to 30 sec. Donald Trump is wonderful but he can’t dance. That is the worse video of Trump I’ve ever seen. But yes, people need to get real serious about redpilling people. Can’t just ignore dangerous ideologies.



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