Who’s Behind the Online Free Speech Cull?

  You may have been noticing your favorite political groups and personalities on social media have been talking about being censored on the internet. Numerous pages have been temporarily...


You may have been noticing your favorite political groups and personalities on social media have been talking about being censored on the internet. Numerous pages have been temporarily taken down on Facebook; our favorite faggot, Milo Yiannopoulos, was banned on Twitter (without reason), and various other YouTube uploaders have all been complaining about this trend. So what in the actual fuck is happening?

The Internet is systematically raping our free speech.




Sounded like a feminist for a second there didn’t I? Oddly enough that’s the only way you seem to be able to have an opinion online these days. Gone are the days where you could say whatever you want and get away with it because the internet was a completely free speech zone.

So what exactly is happening?

Facebook has a ‘Political Team’ that monitors a feed using an algorithm that picks up on politically incorrect buzzwords and criteria. Lauren Southern is one of many who was banned on Facebook for a status that was actually pretty tame, and was only saved by her popularity and influence on Twitter. Others, the average Joe like me and you, might not be so lucky.

Twitter has of late been becoming even more notorious for buttfucking people with the ban hammer without reason and without lube. More recently YouTube has just updated their terms for monetization for uploaders, which almost every famous YouTuber has made a video speaking out against it. YouTube identifies politically sensitive tags on the videos and marks them “not advertiser friendly” which makes those videos not fit for monetization. This means the uploaders don’t get an advertisement on their video and as a result, don’t get paid.

These videos are not always even politically incorrect. For instance, boogie2988 who is famous for playing his character Francis, has made videos about his struggle with obesity and depression, which were also flagged for demonetization. If these famous YouTubers get demonetized, what’s next? What will happen to the Proud Boy videos or even the Gavin McInnes show when more and more places start censoring content to be more “PC friendly”?




This may not seem like a big deal at first but it seems like the bigger social media sites are following this trend of taking away our first amendment right to say “cock shit pussy cunt motherfucker faggot dick”.

Which means fewer places on the internet for free thinking Proud Boys like us.

So how do we speak freely in the technological age where the dark cloud of censorship looms overhead ready to shank us like we’re the new white boi in a black prison?

The answer to this dilemma isn’t as simple as I thought.

Posting statuses calling Cuckerburg out on this only got pages like God Emperor Trump and many others banned. So the time might have come where we free thinkers need to find other forms of communication. Some Proud Boys already have. My good friend Keaton started a ProudBoy group chat on the app GroupMe, which is an app pretty much for the sole purpose of having a private group chat with a large amount of friends, and isn’t monitored by anyone.




Now if you’re trying to talk a lot more securely, then Signal is the app for you. Both users have to be using Signal to work, but what it does is encrypts text messages on both ends so that only the users, and the ones in the group chat can view it. Most people use it to text their dealers, but hey it’s still a pretty cool app.




Maybe continuing to fight back against censoring is the better route to take. I know I’ll never stop, but just keep in mind that there are other options available for us out there. If something like MySpace was smart, they’d be advertising that their website was 100% A-OK to say whatever the fuck you wanted, and we’d all be back there in a year or so. I guess we could also just close our eyes and wait until the problem goes away on its own, but that’s about as likely as me becoming a feminist cuckboy.


Hunter Alden is an IT student at Minnesota State University, works as technical support for a local telecomm company, and a former Knight of Sigma Nu. He wasn’t always conservative, in fact he was pretty neutral until he started to notice the Cucking of Canada, and the downfall of Europe and swore to do his part to not let it happen to America. Hunter was kicked out of his fraternity for missing meetings for his National Guard drill and work, and for challenging the fraternity president about free speech; also nick-naming him Kim Jon Un. Nolan, if you’re reading this, fuck you I’m in a magazine. Despite this, he still hangs out with the Sigma Nu guys and continually tries to recruit them to the Proud Boys.
  • One-Eye

    There’s no doubt YouTube is just waiting to pounce on conservative and libertarian content providers.

    All they need is the nod from Witchy-Poo should she become president. And if that fell day should come then all social media will be like the Krakow ghetto scene in SCHINDLER’S LIST.



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